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St. Mary’s Academy Hoosick Falls Students visit Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless

St. Mary’s Academy of Hoosick Falls’  6th grade class chose to do a community service project focusing on homelessness.  Prior to a visit to Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless in Albany, NY the class prepared questions relating to the issue.  Questions included what are the causes of homelessness, how can we help homeless people, where do homeless people sleep and where can they get help. 

Donna Cuddihy and her 6th grade students arrived with pillows and pillow cases for each of the guest staying at the emergency shelter.  They also brought spices to be used for over 40,000 meals that are provided at throughout the year and combination locks for guests to keep their personal items safe. 

On the menu were tacos and homemade cookies.  The students brought all the ingredients, prepared the meal, served and enjoyed having lunch with the guests.  The shelter guests that the students enjoyed lunch with were funny, polite and very appreciative.  It was enlightening to the students that the shelter was not just a big room where people slept, but that it was a place for homeless people to go and get help and support in order to make a better life.

One of the emergency shelter guests who was about to move into an apartment shared her story with the students and talked about the challenges she faced and what led her to homelessness.  The conversation left the students feeling thankful for what they have and at the same time happy to be able to help and make a difference for people who are in need.

The remaining time was spent touring the shelter and daytime Drop-In Center.  Both St. Mary’s Academy students from Hoosick Falls and guests at Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless enjoyed a rewarding day.  They all reflected on the privilege of being able to lay their head on a soft pillow and having shelter and food.  Without the basic necessities how can an individual or family take care of their every day challenges. On this day, St. Mary’s Academy students provided much more than the basic necessities.  They also provided joyful conversation and encouragement to those that are experiencing homelessness.

St. Mary’s Academy students invite you to make a difference. Provide a meal or hold a donation drive that can help with much needed items for the guests at Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless. 

Contact Adriana Battle for more information: or 434-8021 ext 108

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St. Mary’s Academy celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Hoosick Falls, NY - St. M
ary’s Academy celebrated Catholic Schools Week during the last week of January with exciting and enriching activities throughout the week, kicking off with a school wide talent show and ending with a faculty versus student basketball game.

Catholic School’s Week is the week-long, nationwide celebration of Catholic Education in the United States. The theme for this year was Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Se
rvice and St. Mary’s Academy celebrated all three of these attributes through presentations, theme-days, and special activities.

Father Tom Zelker and Principal Maureen Daurio introduced Catholic Schools Week on Saturday, January 25 at a special mass at the Immaculate Conception Church where Ms. Daurio discussed the importance of Catholic education.

“This is a week to celebrate the gift of Catholic Education to our young people and its contribution to our church and our commu
nity” said Daurio.

Two teachers, Joan Nolan and Donna Cuddihy, were honored at mass for 35 years of service to St. Mary’s Academy. Following the mass, a talent show featuring students from Pre-K to eighth grade was performed at the school. Students shared their varied talents with families,
faculty, and community members by singing, dancing, doing gymnastics, telling jokes, playing instruments, and doing sketches. Students in eighth grade ended the night with an original song about their time at St. Mary’s Academy.

An official proclamation of Catholics School Week was presented from Peter Grimm of the Rennselaer County Legislator, who is also an alumnus of St. Mary’s Academy. Throughout the week there were presentations from the U.S. Air Force and a nutritionist from the Rensselaer County Department of Health. Students participated in activities during the week that included a learning fair where they showed off science experiments and projects; and a game show where students grade Kindergarten through eighth tested their knowledge on math, science, religion, Spanish, an
d ELA. Students participated in different free-dress days, including a Pink Pledge Dress Down Day to help support tolerance and diversity.

Catholic Schools Week wrapped up on Friday with a basketball game between the seventh and eighth grade students versus the faculty and parents. Students from Pre-K to sixth grade were in attendance showing their school spirit in purple and gold. Faculty started off with a strong lead, but the students were able to come back to tie the game at the end.

Daurio said that the most important part of Catholic Schools Week is to give back to the community.

“This is a week to celebrate our wonderfully giving and supportive parish community for allowing us the opportunity to experience the light of God in our students every day,” she said.

Dress Down for a Cause

As our class service project, the 8th grade will be sponsoring a dress down day every month from November to June for causes that are close to our hearts.

Click here for the tentative dates and organizations that we will be supporting. We will send home a reminder in the go-home note each month. Thank you for your support!

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Teachers honored for their years of service

Hoosick Falls, NY - Two St. Mary’s Academy teachers were honored last week for their 35 years of service to the school and community. Joan Nolan and Donna Cuddihy have both been teaching at St. Mary’s Academy since 1979. Principal Maureen Daurio recognized these two teachers for their service to the school and community.

“They are the foundation of this wonderful community,” she said. “I couldn’t be more thankful for their service.”

Nolan, who teaches Pre-K 4 currently and was previously was a Kindergarten teacher, says that she has loved being able to watch her students grow throughout their time at St. Mary’s.

“I have loved early childhood,” said Nolan, “and I have enjoyed seeing the children come at the age of 4 and watching them grow throughout the years.”

Cuddihy, the middle school science and gym teacher, who is an alumnus of the school, said she is still here 35 years later because of what a wonderful place the school is.

“Having graduated from St Marys I knew what a wonderful loving place it was. So wonderful and loving that I’m still here 35 years later,” said Cuddihy. “ The only thing better than getting an education at St Mary’s is giving an education at St Mary’s.”

Nolan and Cuddihy were recognized for their service at a mass at Immaculate Conception Church and again at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Albany by Bishop Hubbard along with other capital region teachers who are served the community.

“I couldn’t be more thankful for their service,” said Daurio.

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    NYS Common Core Assessment Results Released- How Did SMA Students compare?

    Dear SMA Families

    As I am sure many of you are aware, during the last week the release of NYS Common Core Assessment results has most certainly been a hot topic in the news. There has been much discussion of the drastic drop, statewide, in the percentage of students who achieved a score of meeting or exceeding proficiency levels.

    Here at St. Mary's Academy, the release of these scores provides yet another resounding affirmation of the quality of education we deliver to our students. Please take a moment to view the download that provides a comparison of our student's scores, in both ELA and Math, in comparison to surrounding districts as well as the state average.

    These results are a testament to the commitment and dedication of all of our faculty to accept the challenge of the Common Core and rise to the top. I cannot praise them enough for their tireless efforts and countless hours devoted to ensuring each day in the classroom was effective in preparing our students for academic success in this Common Core world. Each of our students should feel tremendous pride in their hard work in meeting the expectations of their teachers and their parents. (I am the first to say we have really incredible students!) And it is only through our strong home-school partnership that this level of success is possible.

    View Common Core Assessment Results

    On July 13, Fr. Tom Zelker was recognized for his 30 years of Ordination with a grand celebration at Immaculate Conception Church in Hoosick Falls.  Over 400 parishioners, family and friends from Hoosick Falls, Cambridge, Granville and more were on hand to congratulate Fr. Tom and thank him for his service to our communities.  

    Students from St. Mary's Academy and Hoosick Falls Central School present Fr. Tom Zelker, Parish Priest with a custom Hoosick Falls # 1 Fan jacket in honor of his 30 years of ordination as a priest! 

    June 2013

    Fr. Tom Zelker presiding over 8th Grade graduation Mass at Immaculate Conception

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